The Merry Barn - Quote Request Information

Each product is custom made at The Merry Barn, therefore each request individually quoted.
Please email hello@themerrybarn.com.au for a quote.
When requesting a quote, please include all of the information below:

Door style:
Height of actual door:
Width of actual door:
If more than 1 door, are they a pair:
Internal or external door:
Will your door slide on tracks or swing on hinges:
Do you need a sliding barn door hardware quote:
If you need a hardware quote -
Which style:
Do you have skirting boards and if so how thick are they, i.e. 19mm:
Do you have architraves and if so how thick are they, i.e. 19mm:
What are you fixing into (timber or masonry):
If delivery is required, SUBURB and postcode (both please):
Anything else?

Size note:
If you are hanging your door on sliding barn door hardware, please ensure you have allowed for an overlap when choosing the size of your door, for example, 40mm each side of the opening. If you have architraves, you may wish to make the door wider to cover these when the door is closed. Please ensure the door is at least the height of the architraves so the track can fix to the wall above
For internal sliding doors, a gap of approx 5mm to 7mm will be needed under the door (so your door doesn't hit the floor when it slides).
Our hardware requires 140mm from the top of the door to the top of the wheel

Please ensure the track will have a secure fixing point the entire length of the track, i.e. noggins, lintel or exposed beam - please check with a qualified carpenter if you are unsure. If you are ordering the track with only one hole at each end, you will still be supplied with the correct number of fixing for the length of the track. If drilling the holes yourself, we recommend a distance of approx 450mm apart for the holes. Our tracks are a thick 8mm steel, so self drilling is not encouraged unless you know what you're doing!

Skirting boards and Architraves:
This helps us select the size of the standoff for your hardware. If you are fixing into a wall where the skirting board or architrave
need to be allowed for, we need to know how far out from the wall these sit, e.g. 19mm. If you have a skirting board or architrave, but are fixing into an exposed beam that is the same thickness as the skirting board or architrave, then you would enter "0" for the thickness of the skirting board or architrave, as the exposed beam will bring the fixing point out into line with the skirting board.

Please note anything else you think we need to know.