Tee Strap Barn Door Hardware Black
Tee Strap Barn Door Hardware Black

Australian Made - Tee Strap Barn Door Hardware

Our Front Fixed Tee Strap hardware comes with a heavy duty 50mm x 8mm steel track, supplied in a custom length as one full piece (no joiner kit required). We also provide steel wheels with our hardware, for an authentic barn door finish.

The Tee strap provides strong front fixing and clean lines for an industrial barn door look. Choose your colour to create a personalised hardware.

The Tee Strap requires: 135mm from the top of your door to the top of the roller strap

From: $460.00 Exc GST

So we can provide the best product for your door, please read all instructions and the product description before completing the fields below. Please email us if you have any questions: info@themerrybarn.com.au


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Change to NO if your installer is drilling the holes. We recommend we drill them for you. If NO, we will still put one in each end for the stopper

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For example, 38mm. Max thickness 60mm. Please contact us if thicker

Door material*:
What material will the door straps be fixing to? If not timber, please change

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Please change to MASONRY if you are fixing into a brick wall

Skirting board thickness*:
Thickness of skirting boards (e.g. 19mm). If you don't have any, 0

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Thickness of architraves (e.g.19mm). If you don't have any, 0

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The Merry Barn brings you their Australian Made Barn Door Hardware.

We wanted people to hang their doors with confidence and style, while supporting the talented and experienced group of Australians behind the making of this product.


We're a resourceful crew here at The Merry Barn! If you have a tricky track or unusual set up, let us know. Our team of experts may be able to help.
Please also contact us at hello@themerrybarn.com.au if:

  • The item or colour you need is not available
  • Your track is longer than 7000mm - we make them all size, but want you to have the best solution for your project
  • You require multiple sets - so we can get you the best courier option
  • You need your track in two pieces (we supply tracks in one piece otherwise)
  • If you have a height restriction and can't fit within the 140mm